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My musical journey began back in 1980 at the age of twenty when I embarked on my first professional studio solo project. Through the better part of the 1980’s I sharpened my songwriting skills by turning out four albums worth of demo recordings, and launched a music video “One Night Stand” which received national television airplay in 1986.
Many of you know me as the founding member, lead singer and guitarist of UNCLE SALLY, which officially began in 1987. To date, UNCLE SALLY has produced approximately 30 studio recordings, which I wrote or co-wrote, one live album and several music videos. In 1995, I completely re-invented myself by embarking on a solo journey; releasing an Adult Contemporary CD of piano ballads. To date I have recorded nearly 150 songs that cover a wide array and variety of musical styles from Easy Listening, AOR, Pop, Hard Rock and even Rap.
I’ve never limited myself to one specific style of writing. With some exceptions, all of these songs were written, arranged, composed, produced, performed and engineered by me. There’s also a page devoted to my brother TODD DYER that includes his solo musical project as well as the band he founded: Powersurge. And don’t forget to take a look at the UNCLE SALLY website. This is my world. This is my legacy.

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